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Continuum by Patrick Wohlmut

August 10 - September 1, 2012

Everyone said Peter would be a brilliant astronomer. Then he bet his career on a disproved theory about the planet Jupiter.

Everyone said Craig would be a brilliant mathematician. Then he disappeared.

It’s years later and Peter’s newest round of research funding has been stolen – by Craig. Peter desperately wants to know why, but Craig won’t let him have the answer. Lies, memories, pain, and the deep friendship these two men once shared propel them into a cat-and-mouse game that neither man knows how to resolve…and that threatens to overturn the foundations of both their lives.

Director: Stan Foote
Cast: Robert McGranahan, Matthew Dieckman, and Jake Michels

Dramaturg: Karin Magaldi
Scenic Designer: Tal Sanders
Assistant Scenic Designer: Ted Gold
Lighting Designer: J.D. Sandifer
Costume Designer: Ashton Edmonds
Sound Designer: Em Gustason
Stage Manager: Nicole Gladwin
Assistant Stage Manager/Intern: Jacob Orr