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2017 Productions

Photo by Matthew Klein

Photo by Matthew Klein

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A Reading of New Works by Playwrights West

Directed by Lava Alapai

April 28 and April 29

Set against the backdrop of an isolated, independent radio station, Playwrights West weaves a tapestry of change: in personal relationships, in trust, in perspectives. Each song the station plays prompts a new picture and voice: a new play—each written by a member of Playwrights West. At this time of seismic shifts, Playwrights West portrays a world in search of itself.



Written and Directed by Matthew B. Zrebski

Produced in association with Theatre Vertigo

January 20 - February 18

A woman awakes, screaming inside a burlap sack. She crawls out, bloody and battered to find she’s in a clearing in the Ozarks. She believes the world has ended, but remembers little. And so begins a nightmarish journey of discovery.  Mythical creatures, ghosts and memories haunt her as time leaps from past to future and back to present as she struggles to piece together the puzzle of her brutal reality. And now, she must make a decision that might affect the entire world. A savage, suspenseful and moving exploration, Carnivora exposes the desperation of the 21st Century as madness and beauty intertwine in this new era of uncharted territory for humanity...