Playwrights West

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2010: Playwrights West offers three anthology shows.  One of these, Wet Ink, is a festival of plays less than a month old. Another, Laying Foundations, takes place in every room of a 100-year-old house.

2011: Member playwrights contribute short plays to Shaking The Tree’s The Tripping Point. Three writers take home Drammy awards for it.  Ablaze, an a cappella musical thriller by Matthew Zrebski, is developed by Wilson High School in association with Playwrights West.

2012: Playwrights West presents its first full production, Patrick Wohlmut's Continuum.

2013: Playwrights West presents its second full production, Ellen Margolis' Licking Batteries. The Teen West project launches at Wilson High School with The Warning Label, featuring three short works by Debbie Lamedman, Karin Magaldi and Matthew B. Zrebski.  Ablaze wins several Drammies and PAMTA awards.  Playwrights West presents Sparks, a fundraising gala featuring short excerpts of new work by each member writer.

2014: The Teen West project presents its second full production, Patrick Wohlmut's The Waves.  Playwrights West launches a new collaboration, Flash Reads, in partnership with Artists Repertory Theatre, presenting world premiere readings of Calumnies by Ellen Margolis and Carter Hall by Claire Willett. In August, Playwrights West presents its third full production, Andrew Wardenaar's The Sweatermakers. In October, Playwrights West members contribute stage adaptations of Edgar Allan Poe’s short stories to Shaking The Tree’s Masque of the Red Death.

2015: Teen West project presents its third full production, Ellen Margolis’ Prime, in February. In August, Playwrights West presents its fourth full production, Dear Galileo by Claire Willett.

2016: Teen West project presents its fourth full production, Andrew Wardenaar’s The Pool Behind the Old Brick School, in February. Claire Willet’s Dear Galileo is a finalist for Best Original Script at the Drammy Awards. Teen West’s fifth full production, The Hanging Girl by Aleks Merilo, is scheduled for an October premier.


William S. Gregory

Eugenia Woods

Nick Zagone

Ellen Margolis

Patrick Wohlmmut

Debbie Lamedman