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Karin Magaldi

Karin Magaldi works professionally as a dramaturg, playwright and director. She is also Associate Director of the School of Theater + Film at Portland State University (PSU). She has served as dramaturg on many productions in Portland with Artists Repertory Theatre, CoHo Productions, The Milagro Theater, Portland Center Stage, Portland Playhouse and Third Rail Repertory Theatre. As a director she has worked at CoHo Productions, The Milagro Theater, Portland Center Stage and Portland State University (PSU). Currently, she is directing Stephen Karam’s Sons of the Prophet that will open May 19 at PSU.. She also serves on the artistic council for CoHo Productions. Recent play productions include Consider the Ant, Twilight Repertory; Jack and the Bones, Shaking the Tree; Verge Warnings, Wilson H.S.; and Wilde Tales, Shaking the Tree.