Playwrights West

All Originals. All Premieres. All Portland.

Our Mission

Drawing upon a growing national movement of playwrights taking the production reins for their own work, Playwrights West seeks to introduce Portland audiences to compelling, innovative theatrical experiences while engaging in a dialogue with the Portland theatre community about the rewards of presenting vital new plays by gifted local authors.

Playwrights West's members feel staging new work is essential to furthering Portland theatre's continued relevance to its audiences and the region's overall culture. New plays provide thrilling, unique evenings at the theatre, while exploring the complex, dynamic 21st Century human condition.

Imagine You’re A Playwright . . .

How would you measure a successful career?  Would it be by the number of plays you had produced, or by the number of people you had touched with your writing? Maybe it’s by the number of actors and directors who want to make your plays come alive.

At Playwrights West, we believe that one of the measures of a successful playwriting career is if your work makes a difference where you live.  Whether we are writing for the next generation of theater artists as part of our Teen West program, putting on a mini-festival of plays that are so new that the ink hasn’t even dried on them, or producing world premieres of vibrant new works by our member playwrights, that is always our aim. Theater should create space for people to find common ground in exceptional stories by writers from  their community. That’s why we say that Good Theater Speaks Locally.